40 years of expertise and excellence

From a humble beginning, NIRAV brand has today become one of the largest distributor of pickles, spices and grocery products in USA and CANADA.

NIRAV brand products have traditionally paid very high attention to quality control and customer satisfaction. Quality is Job#1. We are committed to produce the best quality products & strive hard for consumer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements. We constantly strive to change ourselves with the ever changing tastes of our consumers & are highly appreciated for the same. We also assure best quality at reasonable prices.

Our Founder’s Story

Shirish Sanghavi (1945 – 2015)

From a young age, Shirish Sanghavi, an engineer, was always a high-energy and highly motivated person who loved to start his own business. His entrepreneurial instinct and business skills enabled him to establish Indian Groceries and Spices from its humble beginnings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He started from a very small shop in order to satisfy his family’s need for vegetarian Indian food. Once the very small Indian community started to grow, his business grew and expanded. With the help of his Wife and two Sons, Indian Groceries and Spices has skyrocketed beyond his wildest dreams and expectations. Today, his Son Nilesh has continued his dream, and Indian Groceries and Spices continues to blossom in to the next decade. His business continues to be  the foremost wholesale trader in Indian spices and grocery items. With such household names as Nirav, Sharda, Bombay Magic, Nature’s Best. You can find any one our family of products at your favorite Indian store.

Founder, Owner and President of IGS, Inc. Shirish Sanghavi catered to the increasing appetite of the growing Indian population in the United States. Apart from the warehouse and office in Skokie, IL IGS has offices in New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles,  and Toronto, Canada.

Due to its excellent quality, NIRAV the brand name for most IGS products, is a household and trusted brand in the community. Sanghavi was also active in charitable works and loved games and sports.